This Week's Inspirations: Therese Murdza, Michael Gromm, Carly Waito, Alex Voinneau and Erin Loree

Hi friends, here's a little inspiration for your week!


Therese Murdza is a mixed media artist from Portland, Oregan, and I really love her mark making and use of color.  Murdza is a multidisciplinary artist - she grew up studying music, studied theater in university, writes poetry, and has written, directed and acted in plays.  All of these aspects inform her visual art, as she attempts to translate sound into the visual - her work is about "disintegrating the shapes of the words into lines, circles, squares and color. Seeing music, hearing words, somehow marking sound in charcoal, ink, pencil, and then: paint."
All of the images below are from her Instagram account-check out her Instagram (tmurdza.studioart) or her website link below.  


I love color, stripes, loose brushmarks, and drips, so I obviously love the work of Australian painter Michael Gromm. Based out of Melbourne. Gromm has shown extensively in the last decade and is represented by Flinders Lane Gallery in Melbourne.  He describes his work as " a balancing act of both planned and un-planned methods."  To see more of his work, check out his website below.  


I happened onto Waito's gorgeous work on Pinterest, and then discovered she was a fellow Ontarian. A graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design, Waito is co-founder of a ceramic and design studio, coe&waito, in Toronto.  Along with partner Alissa Coe, Waito creates sculptural installations that are inspired by nature, which has also obviously influenced her painting.  Waito works in oils, depicting minerals and exploring themes of " geology, geometry, light, and a sense of wonder and curiosity."  To see more of her exquisite work, check out her website below!


Alex Voinea is a painter from Barcelona.  As a teenager in 1989, Voinea participated in the Romanian revolution that overthrew the communist regime.  On his website, he talks about the vivid sensations and experiences of that time - "an extraordinary sharpness of the senses that made everything I saw, even the most insignificant, seem to have a larger dimension than in normal circumstances, everything struck me, I saw everything and felt disproportionately, the State of alert multiplies the perception of my senses ".  This " state of alert " is something he brings to his painting, working quickly but precisely.  This, he says, requires " a total involvement of the senses, an absolute concentration and maximum attention, attention that needs to unfold before the various problems that arise in the same work and that need to be resolved almost at the same time. "
You can see more of his work here:


Last but not least, Erin Loree is a painter based out of Toronto.   Also a graduate of OCAD, Loree has a seriously impressive resume for just 29, having won a slew of grants and awards, and shown extensively in Canada, the US, and even Peru.  Currently represented by Angell Gallery in TO, Loree creates thick, lush paintings that feature rich color, glazing, staining and sgraffito.  Next time I'm in TO I will be definitely checking her work out at Angell!   To see more, click the link below.  

Well that's it for me for this week's inspirations - what's inspiring you these days?  

Check back soon for the first of a series of posts I'll be doing over the next few months called
" Ask Andrea," where I'll be answering questions about acrylic materials and techniques that have been submitted by my students, mailing list and the lovely peeps following me on social media.

Until then, happy painting!