This Week's Inspirations: Elliot Hundley, Kate Eric, Pia Fries and Yago Hortal


First on the list is someone I just discovered this week - Elliot Hundley, based out of Los Angeles.  I really love his color and movement in these abstract pieces, something that he translates into a huge body of sculptural work, as well as interesting collage pieces.  I find his style varies a lot across his different mediums, but his pure abstract work is definitely my favorite.  You can check out more of his work on the Andrea Rosen Gallery's website at


Kate Eric is actually a longtime duo comprised of British artist Kate Tedmon and American artist Eric Siemons.  They began creating together in Barcelona in 2000, and now split their time between California and rural Italy.  They produce these lovely, otherworldly little microcosms that I just love.  I'd be really interested to learn more about their painting process and the logistics of their colloborations - if they paint together or work in shifts, how they make creative decisions together, etc.  I couldn't find a website for them, but they are on Facebook if you'd like to see more.      


Pia Fries is an artist based out of Switzerland, and currently a professor at The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.  Most of her work is a really interesting combination of oil painting and silkscreening,   You can check out more of her work at


Last up this week is Spanish artist Yago Hortal, based out of Barcelona.  Horal works in acrylics, and his work is characterized by startlingly vibrant color, a strong sense of movement, and in some instances a sculptural use of paint, wrapping it around the sides of the canvas.  The word that keeps coming to mind for me is "exuberant" - his work is like a celebration of paint and the painting process.  You can see more of his work at

That's it for this week's edition - who's inspiring you these days?


P.S: Stay tuned later in the week for a tutorial on marbling effects with acrylics.